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Discounted Insurance Options for Dental Implants

Discounted Dental Implants
With the cost of dental care less certain than ever, The Liberty Program can fill in with discounted insurance options for dental implants and access to savings on dental health care for you and your family. A small annual fee gives you access to a network of participating dentists in your area. Discounted dental implants can be up to 50% off from what you would pay without insurance. General practice dentists as well as dental specialists participate with the program, so nearly all procedures are covered, even if you have a pre-existing condition.

Affordable Dental Implants
Dental Implants are a popular alternative to dentures. While still considered a cosmetic and therefore elected procedure, most dental insurance programs do not cover this preferred procedure. Dental implants are resin or porcelain jackets surrounding titanium screws implanted directly into the jawbone. If there is adequate bone mass, dental implants can be placed to closely match existing teeth. Dental implants function very much like real teeth, look as attractive as real teeth, and offer the flexibility to replace one tooth or an entire plate of teeth with a more permanent solution.

Savings on Dental Health Care
You can become a member of the Liberty Program without any pre-approval, coverage limits, or forms to fill out. While the discounted dental treatments program is not considered dental insurance, it will provide full access to dental work by a Liberty Dental Program registered provider. Once you join, you can take advantage of savings on dental health care immediately. Our discounted dental treatments program can be used along with your existing insurance, allowing you access discounted dental implants for a reduced price.

The Liberty Program is not an insurance company. We have brokered relationships with insurers to offer supplemental dental insurance at rates below that of typical dental plans, and the Liberty Program is now available in 27 states.

Whether you need discounted insurance options for dental implants, a routine checkup, treatment for cavities, root canal or a periodontal procedure, see if one of our participating dentists is in your area. Discounted dental implants, and savings on dental health care, makes the Liberty Program more valuable than ever. Let the Liberty Program keep you and your family smiling.

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